Insomnium Release ‘One For Sorrow’ Track ‘Unsung’

Insomnium 'One For Sorrow'

Insomnium is now giving fans their first taste of their upcoming album ‘One For Sorrow’, with the online debut of ‘Unsung’.

The Finnish melodic death metal band’s guitarist Ville Friman had this to say about the track:

‘Unsung’ was the last song we finished only just one day before hitting the studio. It’s a bit more in vein of early INSOMNIUM and definitely reminds us from our roots. Regardless of bowing to past, this song gives you good insight of the versatility of ‘One For Sorrow’ and also introduces something new in terms of clean vocals in courtesy of myself. Hope you enjoy the song and stay tuned for updates concerning the pre-order packages!

Listen to ‘Unsung’ below.

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