Indie Kids Afraid To Like Music Too Much

Matt LeMay of Pitchfork Media spoke with the guys from …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead and asked about their indie cred. Neil Busch commented, “We were reading a review of the EP, and the whole review was like, ‘Ehh, this is not too good, this is mediocre, this is bland,’ and then it got a really high score. It’s almost as if journalists, and indie rock kids in general, feel like they need to put in a safety net where, if they like it too much, it’s like, ‘No, I don’t really like it that much,’ and then it’s like, ‘Yeah, they’re not that great.'” As for being on the same label as Fred Durst, Jason Reece said, “Being on Interscope, we’re a moving target. We were almost asking for a lot of criticism. Which we’re up for, but I think that if people actually pay attention to the music and get over the fact that, yeah, we’re on the label that Limp Bizkit is on, then maybe they’ll soon see the light.”

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