Incubus Not Jealous Of Bradon’s Center Of Attention

David J. Criblez of the Island Ear spoke with Dirk Lance and Jose Pasillas of where Dirk was asked about all the attention lead singer Brandon Boyd gets now that the group has become a big success and whether it makes the others jealous. Dirk said, “No. It’s a natural extension of what the singer’s responsibilities are. He’s done a good job keepin’ a level head and we are kinda there to make sure that he does.” As for the attention affecting the band’s image, he adds, “You have to let the music speak for itself. I would be worried only if I didn’t believe in the record and if we were counting on Brandon’s face to sell ‘em. Fortunately, that hasn’t been an issue. I think it’s more of a blessing than a curse that we have a singer who’s a good looking guy.” has since removed the article.

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