Incubus Explain Banned Video

MTV talked to about the original video from ‘Wish You Were Here’ which was pulled after it was deemed too similar to the World Trade Center tragedy. Brandon Boyd revealed, “In the original video, we were emulating a scene from the movie ‘Head’ by the Monkees. In that there were thousands of screaming women and Army people, cops, clowns and photographers chasing the Monkees off this bridge. The only [thing they can do] is jump. We [shot a scene where we’re] running away from these people. That part was [deemed] inappropriate -Û screaming girls, screaming people. Then, our only place to go is to leap off this bridge, and it shows us descending and smacking into the water. Which, before the whole thing happened, we had a great laugh with.” You can check out the original clip on the band’s website,

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