Improv Jam Guided Sleater-Kinney In A New Direction

It was during a tour supporting Pearl Jam in 2003 that ’s new direction of musical experimentation and freedom first raised its head. “We had this improv jam that we did on the Pearl Jam tour and we just loved it,” vocalist and guitarist Corin Tucker told Australia’s Time Off magazine. “It really opened some doors for us, in terms of what we could do with our instruments, and gave us some freedom to play with. When we wrote ‘Let’s Call It Love’ that pushed us into new territory. It was like, ‘Okay, that was new. This is a really weird song’. I mean, it’s heavy and it’s got the potential to go into improv and we kinda knew that about that song. So that was like a piece of the puzzle for us [and] we knew we needed to write songs that would match that or fit that song. [In the past], everyone had their part in the band and we were so compartmentalized. But playing together in the improv, we found all these new and cool things we could do and really liked it. It was the most exciting direction we could go in.”

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