Idlewild’s Robert Fairfoull Fell Into Rock’s Trap

Xpress magazine of Australia caught up with who have been under turmoil lately with bassist Robert Fairfoull exit, after his booze and indifference to the band’s vision overriding his part in Idlewild’s mechanics. Guitarist Rod Jones explained, “I think there was an element of… Robert had become a bit detached from everybody else really. I think he never really understood us and we never really understood him, you know, and it was coming to the point where he was obviously not particularly happy and drinking too much, and it was kind of affecting everything, from his behaviour towards us and also his bass playing suffered a bit live. I think he just wasn’t happy… we just had to carry on and we played the next night with our bass tech (Alex Grant) basically.” After sacking him, Idlewild quickly regrouped, inviting longtime Irish friend Gavin Fox to join the lineup, deciding to also invite fill-in second guitarist Allan Stewart to become the band’s permanent fifth member.

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