ICP Member Gloats About Pamela Anderson Meeting

Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse stopped by the Howard Stern show on Tuesday where J told a story about meeting Pamela Anderson. He said they were at this club Crazy Girls and they saw Mark McGrath from there. They talked to him for a short time and then saw Pamela hanging out without a guy. J said he hung out talking to her for a little while and found out she and weren’t planning on getting married at the time. He said this was around July 12th or so. He said she asked them to come hang out at her place in Malibu. He claims that she invited just him to her place. She didn’t want anyone else to come. He said he’d go if she agreed to come to a wrestling match with them. She said her kids love wrestling and she’d love to go. J said that he knows that Pam and Kid Rock probably had a big argument before that and she knows that Kid hates ICP so she was going to get back at him or something.

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