Ian Watkins: Pete Doherty’s Still An Unproven Talent

Losprophets frontman Ian Watkins spoke with Popworld.com in a Q&A, where the rocker was asked for his thoughts on the future of Babyshambles singer . “To me, I don’t really think he’s really proved himself,” Watkins said. “Everyone compares him to Bob Dylan, the voice of a generation kind of thing, yet I’m still to hear a classic tune from him. Everyone’s just so desperate for the next voice, the next thing, the next Kurt Cobain, or Dylan and Jeff Buckley. What they’re forgetting is that all those people had incredible, timeless songs before they became icons. Pete Doherty became this icon in the press, but without actually backing it up. I don’t think he’s got a body of work so he kind of just exists in the tabloids as the on-off boyfriend of a supermodel. Name me one genre-defining classic song by Pete Doherty. It’s always a danger when you become more famous for who you are, as oppose to what you do.” The full artilce at popworld.com has since been removed.

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