Ian Hill Discusses Judas Priest’s Concept Album ‘Nostradamus’

Beat magazine spoke with founding member Ian Hill, asking the bassist about the veteran heavy metal band’s concept album ‘Nostradamus’, out today. “It’s a massive piece of work for us,” Hill explained. “After the ‘Angel Of Retribution’ album we were glad to have Rob Halford back in the band after a decade away. He is Judas Priest. As a band we started to write new material, when our manager came up with the idea of a concept album on the life and times of Nostradamus. We all kind of laughed initially, but K.K. [Downing], Glenn [Tipton] and Rob really got stuck into the project and it was like watching them go back to school. The research was exhaustive. We haven’t all come out of it devotees to the man, and I still think a lot of it is possibly a load of crap, but as a story of a man, it’s an immense one and musically it’s been such a challenge and progression for us. After all these years in this business it’s great to have that feeling. Oh, by the way the world ends in 2014, so don’t bother paying off any mortgages or debts – go and have the time of your life.” The full story at ravemagazine.com.au has since been removed.

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