Ian: Dimebag’s Murder Shouldn’t Stereotype Heavy Metal Fans

FoundryMusic.com caught up with guitarist Scott Ian for a Q&A and asked if he thought the on-stage murder of Darrell by a crazed Pantera fan Nathan Gale has cast a negative image on heavy metal fans. “I don’t think you could take one maniac’s actions,” Ian said. “Look, yeah, of course, heavy metal fans, heavy metal music, has always been looked down upon by the general public because of the imagery, because of the way people look or dress, the music, the lyrics, the aggressiveness, the attitude. It’s not for everyone’s taste, obviously. It’s not white bread and milk. It’s a lot more aggressive than that, but I don’t think one maniac’s actions are going to cause the general public to judge now and say, ‘All heavy metal is like that, all the fans are like that.’ I don’t think you can make that statement. I don’t believe it anyway.”

The entire interview at foundrymusic.com has since been removed.

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