How Lukas Haas Landed My Chemical Romance Video Role

Australia’s Time Off magazine caught up with guitarist Ray Toro, who discussed what was behind the casting of Lukas Haas in the band’s music video for ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’, in which he plays the role of a patient. “He got cast because Sam [Bayer, director] wanted someone who was young; he wanted someone who looked real,” Toro explained. “Someone authentic, not someone who was too beautiful… just some regular everyday-looking guy. I know the movie ‘Lady in White’, Mikey and Gerard [Way] are big fans of and Lukas Haas is a really interesting actor, even when he was younger he was always in movies that were a little left of centre – he was never a mainstream guy, he’s always done really interesting work, and Sam had talked about him… He just ended up doing a wonderful job so we’re just very lucky he was in the video.” The article at has since been removed.

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