How Chad Kroeger Proposed To Marianne

OK! magazine caught up with frontman Chad Kroeger and fiance Marianne and found out how he proposed. “Marianne was out on the road with us,” Kroeger explained. “I honestly knew from the day I met her that she was the one. My brother, who plays bass in the band, took me to a jewelry store, because he also happens to be a gemologist. I picked up this ring and went back to my tour bus. (We travel separately because some of the boys have babies, and I’m not into changing diapers at 6:30 in the morning.) It’s really funny that you can get on stage in front of thousands of people and sing your heart out and not sweat, but I was nervous as hell and I think my voice cracked about three times. I was like, ‘Oh my god! What the hell is wrong with me?!’ So I took a deep breath and got down on one knee. Her eyes lit up, and I’m like, ‘Would you make me the happiest man on the planet and spend the rest of your life with me?’ She actually left me down there for a long time; it seemed like an eternity. She was smiling and laughing, looking at me. And one part of me expected her to be like, ‘That’s so sweet, but I just don’t think we’re ready yet.’ [Laughs] And she said, ‘Yes!'”

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7 thoughts on “How Chad Kroeger Proposed To Marianne

  1. destiny007 says:

    Hi there just needed to say chad that I’m sorry. Really I am. Please just ignore everything everyone is about to tell you. I was wrong. You found the love of your life. What the hell was I thinking?


  2. destiny007 says:

    1. My anger will not consume my thoughts.

    2. My frustrations do not rule my life.

    3. I am curbing my palate for negative thinking.


  3. PattyJ says:

    I can’t get enough of Chad Kroeger and Nickelback. When’s the wedding?????
    Hope you do better then I in that institution. Keep rockin!

  4. deneo says:

    Wow what a wanker!!!!! You know who!,,, and you say don’t worry…wow…and WOW again

  5. jacqueline d. meyer says:

    Are you married Chad ?? Would rather hear it from you, than gossip!! don’t think that’s possible at the moment… either way, Nickelback is an awesome…inspiring band …with lyrics that are meaningful and moving…much love and happiness in all areas of yer life. You care about people and it shows!!! God Bless ..

  6. jacqueline d. meyer says:

    Are you married Chad?? Instead of gossip !! Would rather hear it from you, but not possible at the moment…Either way… Nickelback is an awesome band , whose lyrics are inspiring, motivating, honest and raw…much continued success and happiness, and love to you..

  7. ConFoooozD says:

    I am really confused now. I just read via social media that Chad is now engaged to Avril Lavigne. Hope you two will be happy…at least for a while. Geeeeeez! And before others start honkin’ their feelings to me about this, I’m a diehard Nickelback fan. I’m just tired of hearing about celebs who can’t seem to stay in a committed relationship and remain true in their promises to love no other. Nickelback ought to write a song about “Cheating”. Eh, honestly, who gives a fk. :p

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