How An Indie Band Solicits ‘TRL’ Votes

posted the following message on their official website: “I know how many of you feel about MTV… and our cohorting around with such company, but it would be truly sweethearted of you if you could find it in your heart to put all of that aside and vote for us anyways. Cause I mean, heres the deal. Our songs aren’t gonna be any different if they’re played on TV or the radio or not, but the exposure definitely helps the livelyhood of the band. Not even so much financially but more so just that the more stuff like that that rolls our way the more we’re gonna tour, the more small cities we’ll be able to visit when we’re out, the more love we’ll get a chance to put into our next record and everything. It really just creates more and larger opportunities to do what we want to do, make music. Plus it helps our record label, Drive Thru Records, out in many ways. They’ve never had a band on TRL before (NFG was picked up to another label when they made it on there) and it helps the exposure for DTR as well. Which in turn not only helps us even more, but every other band on the label (and they’ve got more than a few that I fancy very much). PLUS Richard and Stefanie (who own Drive Thru Records) are some of the most helpful amazing people I’ve ever known. They have let me live at their house in LA with them for the past 4 months while I worked on the record and have been helping me in monumental ways since I was fifteen. So, if you ever wanted to do something nice for us or them you could suck it up vote for shimmy shimmy. Or you could write me a mean reply about how wack MTV is. But you obviously haven’t seen ‘next’ then. That show is… awkwardly scriptedly amazing. or 1-800-DIAL-MTV (1-800-342-5688), follow the instructions given. When asked for the band name or song title enter 435 ( HEL ) or 744 ( SHI ). Or, don’t. You don’t have to. I’ll love you either way. baby cakes.”

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