Hot Hot Heat On Pause

Hot Hot Heat rock

Steve Bays of spoke with The Metropolitan Jolt in a Q&A, where the frontman talked about the riots in Vancouver after the Canucks failed to win the Stanley Cup earlier this year, songwriting advice, visiting Rwanda for Songs for Africa, and the future of Hot Hot Heat.

“I kinda put Hot Hot Heat on pause, just because I got so obsessed with production, engineering, mixing and mastering,” Bays said. “We recorded about 20 demos for Hot Hot Heat and a lot of it was starting to come together, but we all just kinda hit a wall where we were really burnt out. Making Future Breeds was such a crazy, weird process that we weren’t super eager to get back in the studio but we kinda forced ourselves to as soon as we got home from tour.” He added that he probably won’t resume Hot Hot Heat until 2012, concentrating now on his side project called Fur Trade.

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