Hot Hot Heat Get More Developed For Major Label Debut

Canada’s have a couple of new tunes completed for their move to Warner Brothers Records, which they’re performing on this latest circuit, and they’re looking forward to translating their previous recording experiences into their next one. “We did the LP in six days, and plus I’ve co-produced everything we’ve done, and I’ve grown a lot as far as what I prefer with production,” keyboardist Steve Bays tells Cincinnati CityBeat. “The next album is going to be a lot more developed. Since we recorded the LP, we’ve played probably 250 shows, so when I hear it now, I think, ‘I can’t believe I sang it that way.’ But that’s also what gives it its charm. The EP sounds like it’s just about to fall apart, and I really like that. You can’t really plan that. And the LP I really like because we were all really surprised that we could write that kind of music. It’s documenting a time when we were really pleased with ourselves and surprised we could do that. Now we know what we’re able to do so we’re trying to challenge ourselves a little more.”

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