Hoobastank Visit Last Call With Carson Daly

were on Last Call with Carson Daly Monday night to perform ‘Crawling in the Dark’ and ‘Running Away’. Before their performance, they talked to Carson about their history and some of the strange e-mails they’ve been getting from fans. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Say hello to Hoobastank, everybody. [ Cheers and applause
] — boys. If i’m not mistaken, you have, like, an independent record where
most of the tracks on it had a lot of horns and almost a ska feel. You’re
certainly not like that now.

Hoobastank: What are you talking about?

Carson: Well, you know, I don’t see any horns.

Hoobastank: It was different.

Carson: Oh, it was? Was that the deal?

Hoobastank: No, no —

Carson: How did you evolve into the sort of the sound that we know you
for now?

Hoobastank: It’s pretty natural, I think. That was seven years ago,
so it was just kind of like a natural progression. I mean, we’ve all grown
up a little bit and listen to a little bit of stuff now.

Carson: Right.

Hoobastank: It’s been changing since day one.

Carson: One of the craziest things about these guys, they have a really
rad website. I know you give out your personal e-mail addresses to fans.
I mean, I can only imagine the psycho stuff you guys get.

Hoobastank: Yeah, we get some stuff. We actually have been getting pictures

Carson: Like naked?

Hoobastank: No, we haven’t gotten naked pictures, but this one girl
sends these pictures to us — different pictures every once in a while.
And I swear, she’s gotta be and she sent us this one picture. And she’s
like in this one-piece bathing suit just sitting there with her legs just
spread open. And then another shot of her with her shirt, like, kind of
— [ light laughter ] like, she’s trying to be sexy. Thanks for the pictures. 
[ Laughter ] send pictures.

Carson: Yeah, thanks, mom. Thanks, dad, who are up late right now watching.
“That’s not my baby girl. She’s sleeping.” Actually, she’s crawling out
the window right now. Congratulations on the major label debut. I love
it. Thank you for being here.

Hoobastank: Thanks.

Carson: This is hoobastank performing “crawling in the dark.” Here they

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