Hoobastank On Where They Were 9.11.01

bassist Markku Lappalainen and drummer Chris Hesse recalled what they were doing last year when they learned of the terror attacks against the U.S. The group was on tour at the time and Lappalainen explained to Yahoo! Music, “St. Louis, that’s where we were and it was a very scary thing, ’cause Chris, Chris’s girlfriend called Chris, ‘Oh my God, turn on the TV,’ and we were in separate rooms and Chris came over, pounding on the door and I kind of woke up and I was like, ‘I’ve never seen this movie. This is like real life, oh my God.'” Hesse added, “We watched the second tower fall; like we missed the first one, which was just fine, because just watching that tower, the second one fall was probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life like…hands down.”

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