Holiday Parade Prep For Tour

Holiday Parade frontman Andy Albert checked in with fans with a bulletin from the band’s Myspace on Thursday (July 12):

NEw SOnGs?!?!?!

Well….not exactly new.

But I (Andy) finallllly got around to posting ‘Mixdown’ and ‘Hope Dies
Last’ from our first cd, ‘Two Cheers for Tuesday’. After a few weeks worth
of responses about what to put up, these two won by a landslide. So enjoy
guys. Also, for those of you who are kinda bummed about taking down ‘Driving
Away’ and ‘Walking By’, you can go to our purevolume site….
and still stream both of those two (orrrrr you could pick up a copy of
the album/ songs on itunes :)

Anyways. We have been hard at work writing new songs and working on
material to jam on our upcoming tour with The Dangerous Summer and The
Years Gone By, and after that with The Mile After. So, hopefully we will
have some new material to try out on you guys if you come to any of those
shows. We will be going into the studio in late August to record one of
these songs for an exclusive type thing we are doing in October, but more
details on that to come.

Take care guys, and GET OUTSIDE! Its summer and wayyyy awesome. Try
going for a ropeswing, put put or burrito eating day…. I’ve had plenty
of those lately and they are wayyy awesome.

give your mom a big hug,


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