Himsa Avoid Festival Circuit To Work On New Album

Seattle metal mainstays Himsa spoke with Seattle Weekly about their decision to not participate in this summer’s Ozzfest tour, which forces acts to pay $75,000 to take part in on the second stage. “We’re taking summer off to work on our next album,” bassist Derek Harn said. “We can’t afford to do Ozzfest. We were up to play [the] Sounds of the Underground [tour], but they passed on us for whatever reason. We’ll do it next year, or the year after. There’s so much emphasis placed on those things, and so many bands that play so early. Who wants 20 minutes onstage at 9:30 in the morning? Who cares? It’s all about, ‘Ooh, we did this and this tour, so we should be selling this many records.’ We’re just kind of staying away from those games at this point.” Read more.

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