‘Hey Chris’ And Fall Out Boy Bassist Ugly Online Beef Erupts

An online battle has erupted between Christopher Gutierrez, an author and the “Hey Chris” from the song ‘Grenade Jumper’, and FOB’s Pete Wentz. Gutierrez writes, “So, after all this time I finally learned the truth. That it was you telling my ex girlfriend lies and secrets. Despite even giving you the pass card after I caught you trying to talk dirty to her online, this is how you repay me? No wonder why you couldn’t look me in the eye on the bus last summer and no wonder why you avoided me every chance you got. You hug me and tell me you love me then you tell lies to my girlfriend behind my back to lure her away from me? You tell her I cheat on her and then you tell me to come stay on the bus? You are a spineless fu**ing sham.” Check out the entire post and a follow-up here and Wentz response at fueledbyramen.com has since been removed.

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