Hetfield: ‘St. Anger’ Songs Could Have Been Shorter

frontman James Hetfield has admitted that many of the songs on the group’s latest CD, ‘St. Anger’, are “long-winded” and could have been made shorter without taking away any of their potency. Asked during a recent interview with the Australian radio station Triple J to share some insight with regards to a possible songwriting/production approach on the band’s next album, Hetfield said, “Well, songwriting… Now that we’ve explored writing together — everyone together all the time — I’d like to… You know, we’re comfortable with that, I’m comfortable putting a subject out there, everyone writes their thoughts down, collectively, lyrically we get together and do some cool stuff. I’d like to get a little more open with the other aspects, like song arrangement, stuff like that. My opinion is some of the songs are a little long-winded, on ‘St. Anger’, and they could be shortened up and still be as potent. But it was our message this time to just have an onslaught of, ‘OK, it’s over. Oh my God, it’s not over!’ But I feel this way of writing is very inspirational, and it brings us even closer together.”

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