Hetfield Says Long Songs Felt Right On ‘St. Anger’

Steve Morse of the Boston Globe caught up with frontman James Hetfield and asked him about the many seven-minutes-plus songs on their new album ‘St. Anger’. Hetfield says that drummer Lars Ulrich was mainly responsible for their length. “It’s a little hard to put a (live) set together now,” Hetfield admitted, “because you want to play at least 16 songs or so on stage, but the set gets to be three hours long. The album is self-defeating live somewhat, but in the studio, it just felt right. And if we need to chop these songs to play live, then we can. Still, I think it’s the most free that we have been in the studio. We were feeling very comfortable with failure in front of each other, and with trying new things. … And it really made us get better as players.”

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