Henry Rollins Not Hopeful On Getting Radio Airplay

Chaunce Hayden of Steppin’ Out magazine spoke with about his Black Flag tribute CD to benefit the West Memphis Three and in addition to asking why he’s helping out in the controversial case, if he thinks the CD benefits him in getting airplay. “I doubt anything short of me killing somebody in a very wild fashion would get me any airplay on the radio,” he said. “I make good records. They’re real fu**ing good and there’s no Pro-Tooling on them. What you hear is what we did. Not like a lot of other bands who would never be caught dead admitting it. I know how a lot of bands today make records and it’s all corrected music. Whatever, like I care. My point is I don’t need recognition. I know I make good records so I have no self interest in this project at all. I don’t think this will do anything for my career.”

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