Henry Rollins Calls For Drastic Action On Iraq

added his name to the list of celebrities with an opinion on the conflict with Iraq that appears more and more likely headed to military action. “If [Saddam Hussein] didn’t have anything to hide, then why is he saying, ‘Oh you can’t go there.’ I think a full 100-percent daylight, lights on, everything known, inspection needs to be had, if not, then it needs to be leveled,” Rollins tells Yahoo! Music. “‘Let’s just say, anywhere you don’t allow us to check we just drop a bomb on it. How ’bout that?’ I am so down with that. ‘Well, I’ll put women and children in it.’ Well, then you can tell the world that you killed them because we told you what we’re going to do. And now it’s up to you to put the women and children in that mosque or take them out.”

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