Hellogoodbye Announce Bassist Marcus Cole Out, Travis Head In

checked in with their MySpace friends on Thursday (January 10) with the following bulletin:

So you PROBABLY noticed the little switcheroo under band members on our profile. Okay you probably didn’t, it’s kind of a long run on sentence that’s really hard to read and doesn’t really go anywhere. But it goes on to say that our dear friend Marcus Cole has decided to move on and pursue his life in carpentry and / or video game programming, I think. He will live on in all our hearts and DVD players, which I think is where he is represented best. There aren’t any hard feelings and it was a very easy and natural decision for all of us. SOOO, my friend (and roommate… sounds gay… we both live with our girlfriends) Travis Head is gonna be playin some bass with us. You might recognize him as the hawt guy who looks like the singer of The Killers that’s hanging around at our local shows.

Otherwise, we’re at home in the garage workin on kickin’ out some righteous jams and it’s going REAL GOOD so far. It’s gonna be emo.

love, forrest&jesse&travis&chris&sometimesryan

ps. leave Marcus fond farewells and Travis sexy hellos here. I don’t think Marcus looks at our MySpace though… I do. I look at it. Does that help?

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