Heidi Mark Uncensored On Vince Neil & Diamond Dave

Heidi Mark, actress and ex-wife of frontman , did a 20 questions with Metal-Sludge.com. She not only spoke again about the abusive and unfaithful marriage to Neil, but also had some dirt on former Van Halen frontman . On her worst sexual experience — besides someone who tries to put it in the wrong hole (!) — Mark said, “I would say that or lets see, umm, (pause) David Lee Roth putting his arm around me trying to give me a smooch and asking me if I had a line of coke for him. Ugh!!! Is that sexual?” She added, “Oh my God, I wanted to jump over the fu**ing table. I’ve never wanted to get out of a place so fast in my entire life. And he was like doing that, you know when people are on coke where they grind their jaw? He kept like licking his lips, I was like, ‘Oh my God, what are you doing?'” The transcript and some MP3’s of her answers at metalsludge.tv has since been removed.

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One thought on “Heidi Mark Uncensored On Vince Neil & Diamond Dave

  1. Mitsy says:

    Apparently, Neil is now separated from wife #4 or was it #5? After his last DUI in Vegas (June 28), he was reported seen with another woman when he was picked up for DUI. Now, there are stories that Neil and wife Lia are separated. No surprise there, huh?

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