Head Explains His Departure From Korn

RollingStone.com caught up with Brian ‘Head’ Welch and asked the former guitarist why he left the band last year. “When we first started, Korn had power over all of our music and what we said — the songs are pretty outspoken,” Welch said. “Then with the last record, it seemed like everybody shifted from being down with the fans to wanting to make money, and our managers started getting really involved. They were telling us what songs to play — and, I mean, they manage the Backstreet Boys! They started talking about hiring writers for the new record. I don’t know if they did. And I was going, ‘Dude, this is stupid.’ I was a part of a band that’s known for not selling out, that’s written every album with the most heartfelt lyrics — and now they’re changing into a machine. We had a bunch of battles — three people got kicked out at one time or another — and my friends weren’t even my friends anymore. So I left.”

The full story at rollingstone.com has since been removed.

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