Hayley Williams Guitar Hero World Tour Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes clips of singer Hayley Williams doing motion capture sessions for Guitar Hero World Tour are available via the game’s YouTube channel. Hayley is the first female to be featured on the game. “I think the coolest thing about it is, we spent a lot of time making sure that is was me,” Williams said. “It’s exactly like what you get when you go see a show. I’m doing all the same moves. It’s all the facial expressions. It’s almost being like a comic book or something. I’ll never die. My soul lives in Guitar Hero.” Watch the clip below.

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2 thoughts on “Hayley Williams Guitar Hero World Tour Behind The Scenes

  1. kevin says:

    Hayley is totally a rock star

  2. manilyn says:

    It’s cool. And nice I enjoy it !!

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