Happy New Year From Hellogoodbye’s Forrest Kline

frontman Forrest Kline checked in with the band’s MySpace friends on Tuesday (January 1). He writes:

Yeah! Happy new years! or year. I’m sat at home watching a uh ‘Interventions’ marathon on A&E with Chelsea and Gordie and Winnie. It’s PRETTY wild.

I wanna thank everybody for an awesome year. I mean it guys. I love you guys all so much.. You guys are my bitches. 4eva. Totall-E. uh. It really has been a crazy year for us though, if you rationalize it and take a step back to really take it all in. We travelled to some far off and exotic places, sold a bunch of one song and quiiite a bit of a whole record, I got a second doggie… and now I’m at home, watching a show about people who are addicted to meth and on the verge of death. I’m living my dreams guys! I’m doooing it! I’m living amongst the stars, flying high! yayyyy!

A little highlight for me, a few months ago I built a studio in my garage (have I mentioned that before? a few times? uh.) and I’m home chillin, getting it all rad and recording little bits and pieces in between episodes of intervention. It’s the goal I’ve been workin toward for half a decade or so. And I owe it all to you! In a very real way its all possible because of you or veiwers like you. Just like PBS. Lets kiss.

So here’s to a happy 2008 for all of you! May we all not border on the brink of death with a crippling substance addiction! Weeee!

xoxo, forrest

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