Happy Holidays From Operator Please

checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace on Monday (December 24) with the following message:

Hello all you awesome skanks!

(don’t take offense to the word “skank” I mean this in the best way possible, I promise)

Hope all has been well and yeah. It has been an awesome year this year and we are happy to say that we have made it home! Finally I remember what it is like to have my mother yelling at me every two seconds, it is quite comforting haaaaaaa. First off I think we would like to thank everybody for the supporting that you have been spoofing our way, very much appreciated, we love you sirs and madams rerry much and secondly we would like to wish everyone a “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” straight from the heart. Be good to your parents and siblings also, you don’t have to listen it was just a thought. I watched Zathura today it is the sequel to Jumanji if any of you remember that from your childhood. Zathura is amazing but I cannot imagine a younger audience enjoying that as it was scary shiiiiiiiat yo.

But nonetheless it’s a rerry good movie. But enough of the bullsh** that I am spraying, just make sure you all have a happy holiday. We shall see you in the new year.

Love OP xo.

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