Happy Holidays And Thanks From Cancer Bats

checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@cancerbats) on Thursday (December 25). The Canadian rock group tell readers:

Hey everyone. Just wanted to to wish you all an amazing holiday.

We’d also love to thank every single person who made 2008 the best year of our lives. To every person who bought our record, downloaded our record and loved it, every person who rocked out at a show, took photos, wrote articles, voted for us, requested our videos, sported our shirts, drove hours to see us play, let us into their homes, helped us when our van broke down. You all know who you are, and we appreciate everything you’ve done for Cancer Bats.

Thank you again and again for an amazing year!
Please have a safe and fun holiday!

Scoeb, Liam, Mike & Jaye

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