Halford: Judas Priest ‘Almost Done’ With Nostradamus Themed LP

Rob Halford spoke with Australia’s Time Off magazine about how are currently working on a new album, which would be the second release for the band he rejoined in 2003 after an 11-year absence. “It’s almost done,” Halford revealed. “I’ve done choirs, I’ve done so many multi-track takes, it’s been unbelievable, it’s been exciting and very exciting. Vocals are done; Glenn [Tipton] and KK [Downing] are working on their leads, all the embellishments.” The concept for the new disc is based on the astrologer Nostradamus. “I’m trying to tell the story of a bloke who lived 500 years ago,” Halford said. “Just a fantastic character with a great story to tell… He’s still a controversial figure and I like that.” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

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