Hagar Contacts Van Halen Brothers, Denies Reunion Plans

has posted the following message on his official web site, RedRocker.com: “A couple of months ago I called Alex [] out of the blue because we had run into a mutual friend and both of us said to tell each other ‘Hello’. So I said, ‘I am going to call him’ and we talked. Alex said ‘Hey, next time you are down here call me and we’ll have dinner or lunch or something.’ So a few weeks ago I was in L.A. I called Al, we had lunch, spent the whole day together. It was great. Reconnecting as friends. That was the end of it. A couple weeks later I talked to Ed [Van Halen] on the phone, and a few times since then. It’s like old times as friends but nothing more than that. It’s great to have open communications with some old friends again, much better than being in a maze. If anything develops more from that when the time is right, I will keep you posted.”

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