Gwyneth Takes Her Love For Chris On The Road

Us Weekly reports that even though Gwyneth Paltrow has been busy shooting her new movie ‘The World of Tomorrow’ in London, she’s been able to take the time to travel various spots in Europe to see her boyfriend Chris Martin perform on ’s tour. “Gwyneth is always running around after him,” a source said. “She tries to keep out of the limelight, but she’s always in the wings waiting for him.”

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One thought on “Gwyneth Takes Her Love For Chris On The Road

  1. Lindy says:

    I think she is definitely doing the right thing.

    If he loves her he will want her there with him.

    But shouldn’t he be chasing her a bit. Perhaps the relationship is a bit one sided so all the more reason to go with him when she can. After all woman can’t trust other woman to leave their men alone. You go girl and have some fun with your man. Never mind the other band members. They can do what they want but Chris has made a commitment to you and has a family. He has the security of a loving wife and family so he can’t run free like a single bloke who doesn’t have that. In life you make choices and make a life of what you have. Go with him and just relax and fit in with it all. Good luck. Look at Linda and Paul. She actually joined the band and he was heart broken when she left this world. He adored her and at least he has a life time of happy memories on the road together. Life changes and rushes bye so spend every moment of your time with the one you truly love.

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