Gwen Stefani Turns To Bandmate For Aid After Freak-Out

While writing her solo debut, No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani went back to Los Angeles in May to join her husband, , who was shooting a video with the Blue Man Group for ‘The Current’. She started to feel overwhelmed by her task at hand, so she sought solace from Tony Kanal, thinking that visiting her bandmate would give her a much-needed break. “I just had a breakdown,” she told MTV News. “I was like, ‘I gotta stop now, I have nothing to write about, I can’t do it anymore.’ So I left the studio, and went over to Tony’s house, because he was like ‘Come over, we’re going to all go out!'” Instead of going out, however, Stefani found that Kanal had a surprise waiting for her at his home studio. “He starts, ‘Hey, lemme play you some tracks’,” she said, “and he plays me this track he’s doing for another singer, and I was blown away. And then he goes, ‘Lemme play you some tracks I’ve been doing for you!’ So he played me this track, and it was like, instant.” Read more.

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