Gwen Stefani Hints At Solo Plans

Gwen Stefani of checked in with fans on her official website the other day, and revealed possible plans for a solo album. “I have been working super hard on my L.A.M.B. clothing line. I think you will start to hear more about it and see it soon,” she posted. “It has been a total blast and a lot of work but it has also been a real cool creative outlet. I have also looked at some scripts and, although I really haven’t made a decision yet, if the right part were to come along I think I would try working in film. I have always had a real love for making videos and the filmmaking No Doubt did. Who knows? I think it might be another challenging place to express myself creatively. I have also been collaborating on some tracks on my own with different people. I am not quite sure if it will become a full-blown solo project, singles for a soundtrack or just songs (like with Moby and Eve). I am just kind of letting it take me where it takes me and see what happens. It is all part of a process for me, sort of an extension of the challenge No Doubt gave ourselves on ‘Rock Steady.’ I want to explore all of this during the No Doubt hiatus. We’ll see where it takes me!”

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