Guy Garvey’s Scare Recording ‘Fugitive Motel’ Video

frontman Guy Garvey tells Radio 1 the group had a bit of drama while filming the video for their single ‘Fugitive Motel’. Garvey revealed that he wrote the song for his girlfriend while he was lonely in Texas. In the video Guy is constantly running and swimming trying to get somewhere but he says it all went a bit wrong and he’s lucky to be alive. “I nearly drowned while making it. I had to swim around in a lake in a wetsuit, with my suit over the top,” he explained. “I nearly drowned. I tried to shout to the boat with the camera on it, but I couldn’t shout because I was paralyzed. They were filming me drowning without realizing that I was actually drowning so there are some interesting cut-aways from that video. I insisted that I didn’t approach death on film.”

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