Guns N’ Roses Fails To Show In Philadelphia

Tom Moon of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports the Guns N’ Roses show at the First Union Center was cut short last night after the headliner never showed up. Moon says the sold-out show began at its scheduled time with a performances by local rock band Cky and DJ Mixmaster Mike. But after the DJ’s unusually long set ended about 9:30, the stage went dark. “By 11, there was nothing. No one had taken the stage,” concertgoer Christina Wolf said. “It became obvious to the crowd that they weren’t going to come on stage. Then there was a public announcement made that the band wasn’t going to come on, and a reminder that it wasn’t the First Union Center’s staff’s fault.” Then, fans began yelling and cursing, throwing bottles, chairs and ceiling tiles, and overturning trash cans and equipment. has since removed the article.

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