Guns N’ Roses Closes MTV Video Music Awards

Kurt Loder of MTV News spoke with Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose after the band closed the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday. For a transcript to their chat, read on.

Kurt Loder: Here we are backstage again. Axl Rose. He’s back. What
took you so long?

Axl Rose: Trying to put this together.

Kurt: What is going to happen now? Is ‘Chinese Democracy’ going to come
out? Going to see it soon?

Axl: You’ll see it. Don’t know if soon is the word. We’ll go back and
do more recording and start the American leg of the tour and see how it
goes from there.

Kurt: This has taken a long time.

Axl: But it’s also how do you rebuild something that got so big and
replace virtually every person on the crew, every single thing and how
do you make a whole bunch of guys that are something else into something
that was already? I don’t know if it exactly has been done like this, not
with the intensity of these players wanting to play the material.

Kurt: This is one of the great performances. Congratulations. You really,
this is a great band.

Axl: Thanks for the Rio review.

Kurt: My pleasure. My pleasure. Axl Rose.

The review that Axl is talking about is the Rock In Rio event in January 2001 that Kurt attended and reviewed. Check that out here.

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