Guitarist And Bassist Both Leave Kittie

frontwoman Morgan Lander posted a message on the band’s official message board following the posting from guitarist Lisa Marx that she had quit the band. “Alright, I know that what has happened with Lisa comes as a shock to all of you,” Morgan wrote. “It was a shock to all of us too. Things haven’t been said in a press release up until this point with good reason however. Not only has Lisa decided to leave the band, but Jennifer [Arroyo, bass] has decided to leave too. I figured we should get this all out into the open while we still can.”

“We discussed Jennifer’s departure with her, and with a heavy heart, she said she can no longer continue with Kittie, so she will be continuing on with Suicide City full-time.

“There was no press release for Lisa when she decided to leave because we had decided with Jen that we should wait until April 1st to let this all out of the bag, both from her end and ours. This is an amicable departure!

“Now the reasons…I feel that there are only a few real factors that came into play regarding this happening with both Lisa and Jennifer…

“For the past few years, Artemis Records has denied us critical things like tour support, movie soundtracks, advertisement placement and other critical things that help a band to keep making money and pay the people that needed to be paid, like Jen and Lisa. Within the last 6 months, things became so financially bad that we were no longer able to keep the girls on retainer, that is give them a salary while we are not touring. Not only were we not able to pay them, but we came home from the last tour not knowing what was next for the band.

“It is a sad fact, but ALL of this is happening because our label is destroying us, and these girls jumped from the sinking ship while they still could. Unfortunately for Mercedes [Lander, drums] and I, we have to continue on if Artemis renews our option, whether our hearts are in it or not…

“Jen has been with us for 3 years, and she has seen the hardship, and experienced the pain and sadness in knowing that as long as we are with the label, we will never be where we know Kittie can be. She is a smart girl, and a hungry person, and she knows the trouble with the label first hand…

“We don’t blame the girls for leaving. Financially and emotionally, our troulble with the label has done nothing but break our spirits. How can we insure a future for them when we DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT OURS WILL BE? As long as we are with Artemis, I can’t guarantee anything…

“We love all of the girls, and wish them the best of luck…It’s just so sad.”

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