Guano Apes Guitarist On Band’s Pending End

guitarist Henning Rümenapp has posted a message on the group’s web site explaining the band’s decision to go their separate ways following the completion of their upcoming German tour in support of the just-released “best of” CD, ‘Planet of the Apes’. His message reads as follows: “I’ve been reading the guestbook a lot recently and saw many different opinions and emotions, I can only write and speak for myself, but I want you to know that I understand how sad, angry and disappointed you are.

“It has not been an easy decision for us to go separate ways after the tour in February. It’s been 10 years of GUANO APES now, and it has been an amazing time! We’ve had wonderful moments, incredible experiences and most important: fantastic fans!

“But after all, it has not always been easy… a band consisting of four very different characters, different opinions and visions. We have made a lot of mistakes, every one of us, left things unspoken, undone and finally lead ourselves to the point where we can’t see any perspective to go on like before.

“I’m still sure that this band has a lot left to say musically and who knows what time will bring… Please stay with us, maybe sometime we’ll hit the road together again.

“Until then, we are working on the documentary DVD, Friedel has been eagerly collecting and cutting material, and preparing the tour for February.

“We are sorry we’re not able to do more shows and give all of you in Europe the opportunity to rock with us one last time, still we hope that some of you will make it over to Germany, to make this a great tour!”

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