Greg Upchurch Officially Leaves Puddle Of Mudd

Contributed Anonymously:

From the Puddle of Mudd website

A note to fans from Greg Upchurch
8/8/2005 7:09:05 PM – by officialthundercracker

This post is on behalf of Greg Upchurch:

Greg will not be playing with Puddle of Mudd at their upcoming gig in LA. Several people have inquired as to his membership with the band and if he will be at the gig.

Greg officially left POM recently due to creative and business differences, with no hard feelings. It was time for a change, and Greg still loves and respects everyone involved with POM; especially the fans!

Greg has been performing with as many of you know, and has secured a spot to continue doing so for quite a while. Greg wishes everyone luck at the POM camp. There is some question to whether it was officially announced about Greg leaving, so he wanted to make sure the fans know he will not be at the shows performing.

Beyond that Greg just wanted to send his many thanks and gratitude to everyone who supported his run with POM. He hopes to see you guys again down the road!

Thank you.

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