Greg Puciato On Dillinger, Spylacopa & Stealing Music

Greg Puciato of checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace on Monday (December 1). Puciato writes:

We’re writing, we’ve loosely set aside June and July 2009 for recording with Steve Evetts, and we’re looking forward to getting ready to absolutely rip in the new year. We’ve got Australia booked for late Feb/early March, and we’ll more than likely be doing some stateside stuff as well around that time, maybe some US shows before we go down under, we’ll see.

The self titled Spylacopa EP with myself, John LaMacchia from Candiria, as well as Julie Christmas from Made Out Of Babies/Battle Of Mice and Jeff Caxide from Isis, is out now. Go over to the Spylacopa myspace page ( to check it out and find out how to pick it up without STEALING IT ONLINE SOMEWHERE. Which brings me to the next issue.

You do realize that when you do that, steal music from bands like us, you basically take a big fat unlubed extra ribbed strap on and fu** us all in the ass with it don’t you? I used to be way into the whole free downloading thing, because at first it was like yeah awesome free sh** we’ve been paying too much for too long fu** the man blah blah! But now cd prices are reasonable and if it boils down to you not wanting a physical thing because you’re only gonna listen on your computer or iPod anyway, at least go over to iTunes and pick the stuff up if you want to own it, it’s a dollar per song over there for christ’s sake. Intellectual property is still property you know? Think of it like this, if you had a restaurant (you can tell I’m hungry…all this talk of burritos, food, etc), and you sold food that was awesome and that you made yourself and spent sh** tons of time on, and people were just pouring in and looting your place and taking everything out of it for free, just stealing everything, would you keep making it? Would it somehow be your fault? What’s the solution…to make better food? To somehow give people an incentive to pay for it? Fu** that. You would kill them, or at least beat them, or at the very least criminally charge them.

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