Greenwood Defends Radiohead’s Evolving Sound

’s Johnny Greenwood seemed enthusiastic about Thom Yorke’s boast that the group would be “unrecognizable” in two years’ time. “My gut instinct is to say that that kind of opinion of us, the whole ‘Give us another ‘OK Computer” thing, is mainly held by people who don’t really buy records any more,” Greenwood tells Matt Galloway of Now Toronto. “They’re into their one kind of music, and I suppose that’s fair enough. We’re still buying records and absorbing other sounds. If you’ve made a good record in a good style, then you’ve done it. To repeat it just wouldn’t make sense. There are records that have come out by other people that sound like ‘OK Computer’ or ‘The Bends’. We’re just happy that we’re not still making records like that because that kind of music isn’t enough for us.” Read more.

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