Green Day Win Video Of The Year

took home Video Of The Year at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards for ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’. Upon accepting the honor, the band told the Miami crowd, “Thank you. Thanks to Pat Mangarella, thanks to Green Day’s live crew, thanks to Western Brother Records, Brian. … There’s a lot to thank right now. I mean, outside of everybody who worked on the video, everybody at Warner Brothers, management and, you know, the bands we’re touring with right now and everybody, I think there’s a lot of people to thank in this world and I think it strikes a note in this world right now so here’s to this and here’s to our soldiers. Let’s bring them home safe. … We’ve been a band around now for the last 16 years. We tour in a band, we’ve been — we’ve done everything ourselves up until this point, thank you very much. We played Live 8 this year. Thank you very much and remember do the things that you believe in, all right? This is what it’s all about right now.”

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