Green Day Releasing ‘Shenanigans’ In July

’s official site announced that ‘Shenanigans’ will be the title of the new compilation album coming out this July. It will be a collection of B-sides and other random bits. For a track listing, read on.

Shenanigans 2002

Reprise Records

1. Suffocate

2. Desensitized

3. You Lied

4. Outsider

5. Don’t Wanna Fall in Love

6. Espionage (from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me)

7. Dui

8. Scumbag

9. I Want to Be on Tv

10. Tired of Waiting

11. Sick of Me

12. Rotting

13. Do Da Da

14. On the Wagon

15. Ha Ha You’re Dead

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