Green Day Better Than Blink 182 At Pop Disaster Tour

Glenn Gamboa of Newsday reviewed the latest stop on the Pop Disaster Tour giving the nod to as the top act of the show. Gamboa said, “Blink-182 is the headliner of the ‘Pop Disaster Tour,’ but the clown princes of punk were simply outclassed by punk’s reigning kings, Green Day, at the Jones Beach Theater season opener.” has since removed the article.

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4 thoughts on “Green Day Better Than Blink 182 At Pop Disaster Tour

  1. will says:

    My brother’s a fu**ing idiot. He thinks Blink 182 is better than Green Day and been defending himself for years.

  2. ed says:

    Blink is way better then green day cause blink never sold out proof the only iffy blink album is the self titled 1 Green Day has American Idiot and Twenty-first Century Breakdown Green Day is good and was an inspiration 2 blink but blink is better and green day are sellouts unless they come out with a true punk or So Cal; album Green Day will never be Great again blink is still good and will have a great album

  3. Janet GREEN DAY freak!!! says:

    GREEN DAY is obviously better than Blink 182!!! They easily beat them at MTV’s Musical March Madness! They are the champs! They beat every single rock band that they were against, including Paramore! GREEN DAY is the best band/music there will ever be! I love them so much, and I hope to become a rock star at least close as good as they are, cause I know it takes a lot to be great like they are. GREEN DAY forever!!!

  4. Ali D says:

    ed how can you say green day sold out just because of the latest two. they actually thought long and hard on those albums. American idiot was their way of saying what they felt during the bush years. yes the eye liner thing still is weird but hell its a good at hiding his age (one of them is 40). sure blink 182 were good but alot of the time i listened to their music it just sounded like a college boy version of green day. and hell green days named after pot… enough said. blink just got hooked on cough meds and they split

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