Greed Remarks Over Metallica’s Napster Battle Hurt Lars

Dan Aquilante of the New York Post caught up with drummer Lars Ulrich for a Q&A session, where they talked about the band’s latest effort ‘St. Anger’, and their battle with Napster. Asked if they understood what was happening from the start, Lars responded, “Initially, we were blindsided by it. We were ignorant of all that Internet stuff; we didn’t understand it at all. It started one day when I got a call from my manager who told me some early versions of a song we were working on called “I Disappear” had surfaced on radio. We traced the release back to a company called Napster. I said, What the fu** is Napster?” As for talk that the group was greedy, Lars responded, “It hurt a lot more than I ever let on. I really couldn’t understand how anybody could say we were greedy.”

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