Great White’s Russell & Kendall Visit CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’

singer Jack Russell, lead guitarist Mark Kendall, the band’s lead attorney Ed McPherson, Pat Longley, the father of deceased Great White guitarist Ty Longley, and victims from The Station nightclub tragedy which occured on February 20, 2003 were on CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’ on Wednesday to discuss the West Warwick, Rhode Island fire that took the life of 100 people. They also discussed their work to raise money via for victims of the inferno. Check out a transcript here.

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One thought on “Great White’s Russell & Kendall Visit CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’

  1. Vince Mannelli says:

    I would never listen to Jack Russell or Great White ever! He even lied and said great white was performing that night and it was only he in the guitarist who were members of Geat White!Since their band sucks, they risk lives using pyrotechnics to liven up their crappy band! The thing that I disrespect the most about Jack Russell is the fact that he accepts no blame and I believe he was mostly the blame! He should have gone to jail also! He puts on a benefit concert to advertise his band and then makes it look like that he’s being sympathetic towards the people who died at the Station! The proof is in the pudding!You see that the loved ones did not want to have anything to do with him or accept his dirty money! So Jack Russell just accept the fact that you’re a pig and everyone hates you!!!!

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