Great White Condemn Release Of ‘Burning House Of Love’

have issued a statement condemning the release of a “bootleg” album entitled ‘Burning House of Love’, through the “Italian” label Horizon Records. “This album is not approved by Great White,” reads the statement. “Rather the band condemns this release and asks all fans and friends to not purchase this album. They feel that the label is insensitive to the victims of the fire and are trying to capitalize on a tragic situation. This type of practice is called repackaging: record companies take previously released songs, put on a new cover with a new title.”

“The band and their attorneys are working on stopping this release as it is being sold under the Great White name without Great White’s permission. Great White wants to apologize for any discomfort this may have caused, as they found out about this release much the same way as the fans — via the Internet. It was of great shock to the GW camp.”

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